Kusala Projects

Supporting Children in Bodhgaya, India

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Our Mission

We fund projects in Bodhgaya which support the education of children in need, establish educational institutions for children in need, establish vocational learning centres and raise the self-esteem and self-reliance of the communities involved.

Elsa Primary School

The school provides a special service educating children from a couple of small villages in Bodhgaya, in particular, Jamna Biya. Here the residents are extremely poor, and are literally 'fringe dwellers', having built their mud homes on government land adjacent to a larger established village. There is no tradition of education in the village, so it is significant for the community that the children are now receiving an elementary education....read more

Sponsoring Students

It is generally recognized in Bihar that the only way for children to receive a proper education is to study at private non-government schools. These are better resourced and have higher teacher to pupil ratios than government schools. Without sponsorship, this type of education is inaccessible for children from poor families. ...read more

Education in Bihar

The state of Bihar lacks proper educational infrastructure and a huge gap exists between the demand for education and its supply. The nation wide literacy rate in of India is 74% with a wide discrepancy between urban (85%) and rural (68.9%) areas, but the state of Bihar is way behind, especially in rural areas where the literacy rate is just 53.9%. When this is further broken down, there is a discrepancy in literacy rates between males 67.1% and females 49.6%.