Bodhgaya is a small town in Bihar, India. it is the site of the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha is said to have attained full Awakening @ 563 B.C. As such, it is the most significant Buddhist centre world wide.

These days the population of Bodhgaya is mostly Hindu and Muslim with very few local Buddhists. However, there is a substantial number of international Buddhists as many monasteries, meditation centres & pilgrim rests have been built in and around Bodhgaya.

The Mahabodhi Temple, the complex around the Bodhi Tree was possibly built @ 250 B.C. Inside the complex, at any time of day, there is a rich diversity of chanting and devotions being practiced by Buddhists from around the world. Even non-Buddhists are likely to experience a deep sense of peace when visiting the Mahabodhi…

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