Kusala Sewing

Kusala Sewing Centre, Bodhgaya funded by Kusala Projects was in operation from 2008 to 2011. In India and especially in Bihar, many poor lower caste girls remain illiterate and enter marriage as young as thirteen. Sometimes, by the age of eighteen, they will have three children. If they do obtain employment, it will be menial work and they will not be paid the same rate as men. It was for these reasons that centre was opened: to provide young women with vocational training for an independent means of livelihood and help alleviate conditions of poverty within their families.

The first six month course began in rented premises with one teacher and three sewing machines. Seventy women and girls applied for this first course, but only thirty could be accepted. Support for the sewing centre quickly grew, and by March it was possible to hire another teacher and purchase three additional sewing machines. Later embroidery & cloth painting were also taught. During its 3.5 year history, over 200 girls and young women were trained at the centre.

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