Sponsoring Students

In 2004, Australian ex-Buddhist monk Chittapala, whilst on pilgrimage in Bodhgaya, site of the famous Bodhi Tree under which Buddha is said to have realized Enlightenment, met a six year old girl begging on the streets. This child came from an extremely poor family and had never been to school. Chittapala was deeply moved by her plight and wanted to offer her an education. With the help of a local teacher, Shahab, he met with the girl’s family and was able to enrol her at a small school.

When Chittapala returned to Bodhgaya in 2005, the little girl was happy at school and doing well in her studies. Western friends of Chittapala were inspired by this story and many of them also began sponsoring children in Bodhgaya. Since then, Kusala Projects has facilitated dozens of student sponsorships, initially at Shanti Buddha Public School and currently, at Sant Moggallana Public School. None of this would have been possible without the help of Shahab who manages the affairs of the students with funds sent from Australia.

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