To Whom It May Concern

Part of protecting women’s rights in our interconnected world means helping girls and women in different countries who struggle every day for basic human rights, such as the right to education, and the choice of if, when, and whom to marry.

The students of Elsa Primary School cherish the opportunity to receive a basic education – which many of us in westernized nations take for granted – before being married off by their families with a dowry shortly after puberty. Elsa Primary School is located in one of the most institutionally corrupt states of India, Bihar. The school was started in response to repeated requests from the local community, in an extremely impoverished part of India, where children very often will never receive an education of any kind.

I unhesitatingly recommend Kusala Projects, with highest regard for its integrity and work for the benefit of all sentient beings in general, and specifically for impoverished and oppressed children, especially girls and women, of Northern India.